The Accelerator makes your dreams come true

Join an advanced innovation program, in a creative and professional environment, where you can make an impact with technological innovation, as well as optimize and develop advanced ERP solutions.

Companies participating in the program
Righty.io – an SaaS platform, incorporating AI and ML, built to help employers mitigate risk and exposure in local and global payroll management

Righty does this by identifying pay-slip errors, and presenting a broader picture and in-depth analysis of all elements of an employee’s salary, in accordance with

 employment terms and applicable law. Righty.io can check salaries before they’re paid out and retrospectively, helping employers reduce payroll costs, as well as economic and legal exposure.

With advanced server-side technology alone, Zoomaya records all user activities on the company’s website and the internal corporate system

Our advanced search engine enables rapid incident detection using key parameters. The result is immediate and complete

incident management, including full contextualization, providing a clear understanding of what happened, why and whether or not it was intentional.
The resulting investigation period is reduced from days or weeks to a few hours. The Zoomaya solution is designed for both internal enterprise applications and public-facing websites. Our market includes financial organizations and all e-commerce sites.

Synchronization, management and simplification of ERP/CRM systems

Today, a lot of business process information is not entered and updated in the operating systems for which it is intended. The information remains ‘in the air’ - in emails, calls, WhatsApp, etc. We're here to solve that problem

engini’s technology monitors and manages all business processes across an organization’s resources in real time. As a result, a workflow is automatically built at the departmental (production, accounting, logistics, sales, etc.) or cross-organizational level. Our engine extracts from that workflow simple tasks associated with a specific employee. With an API, we are able to integrate these tasks with email, WhatsApp, Telegram, AppMaker by engini, Monday.com, etc.

After the tasks are completed, the ERP system is automatically updated

The company creates and enhances better user and developer experiences in all aspects of authentication for user management, and among servers, applications and users

The company operates as a blockchain-based free certification authority, providing a better method of

authentication between users and the server and between servers. The company does not share any confidential information and there is no server-to-server registration. The end user receives a full digital signature service and can sign documents using his device’s private key, a fingerprint or face recognition

Vendict enables vendor risk management based on verified information, and continuous and transparent communication

More and more vendors have access to sensitive information. Protecting this information is the responsibility of every company in the supply chain, all of which areexposed to data

breaches and privacy violations. Companies currently invest a lot of effort in risk mitigation for internal information management, but most data leaks are related to the supply chain. All the available solutions on the market are based on analysis of supplier answers to company questionnaires. These surveys are time consuming, limited to a single point in time, and only address direct suppliers. Yet, breaches of trust and data leakage can occur at any point in time, for any entity in the supply chain, including indirect suppliers. Vendict enables innovative supplier risk management, providing continuous monitoring of the entire supplier network, based on verified information and more transparent communication
Invenout specializes in optimal and effective inventory management in the world of catering

The company provides decision-makers with up-to-date business insights and recommendations. The recommendations are based on real-time inventory data and other variables, which result in a significant reduction in

restaurant operating costs. The system collects data through smart systems, such as sensors and smart shelves, and analyzes the exact amount of inventory needed for near-term full-capacity restaurant operations

The Hashavshevet Innovation Program – a unique opportunity that’s not be missed

The program is in collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Management and Information Systems at the Technion.
A team from the Master's program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation assists in assessing the technologies and models to be developed.

What does the program include?


A program for just 9 startup companies

Investment Opportunity

Investment in suitable companies and connections with relevant investors in the field

Personal Mentoring

Company management leads a personal mentoring program

Experts on Demand

Company executives run a training program, with weekly meetings for 6 months, to strengthen professional elements of development, user interface, sales, and more

Location & Work Space

A dedicated shared workspace for the teams at Hashavshevet offices in Tel Aviv Supports Purple Tag and Ministry of Health guidelines

Data Base / Beta Site

A pilot in collaboration with Hashavshevet customers (depending on customer approval and the solutions proposed by companies accepted to the program).

Our Partners

How do you join? Here are all the details

Prerequisites for taking part in the program

  • The projects will be for the development of ERP technologies in the Fintech, Retail and Industry 4.0 environments, with a focus on Inventory Management.
  • The proposed project integrates technological innovation and is intended for Israeli or international markets.
  • The team consists of up to 3 members.
  • A commitment to be in the offices of Hashavshevet on a regular basis, at least 3 days a week, in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines.
  • Obligatory participation in a weekly training program that includes lectures and professional content regarding relevant topics.
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